Exhibitions Tucson Desert Art Museum currently closed for summer restoration projects.

Exhibitions Tucson Desert Art Museum currently closed for summer restoration projects.
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CIRCA 1930: Memories of the General Store, Feed Sacks, Quilting and More

“Repair, reuse, make-do and don't throw anything away" was the motto for the Great Depression. The heart of the community in those years was often the general store which brought everyone together for laughter, sustenance and mail. This exhibition displays a model General Store with period antiques from this fascinating era when sustainability was the essence of life. Other highlights include 1930s quilts, feed sack dolls and clothing and other essential products from this era. Be prepared to be amazed at the prices!

Photo Credit: Russell Lee, 1938, Wikimedia Commons
Photo Credit: Russell Lee, 1938, Wikimedia Commons

Ongoing & Permanent Exhibitions

Ongoing & Permanent Exhibitions
Toward Los Angeles, California.
Dorothea Lange, 1937.

Toward Los Angeles, California. Dorothea Lange, 1937.

The Dirty Thirties: New Deal Photography Frames the Migrants' Stories

The Dirty Thirties explores the journeys of rural migrants fleeing the Dust Bowl, drought, and economic difficulties during the 1930s. In desperate search for jobs and new opportunities, thousands of former farm owners and ex-tenant farmers left their homes in the Southern Plains states and set off to the cotton fields of Arizona and the “Promised Land” of California, where supposedly work could be found. This exhibit explores why the migrants left, their journey westward, their experiences living and working in Arizona, and what life could be like for those who traveled onto California. Told primarily through the compelling documentary photography taken under the auspices of the New Deal programs of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, some images from this exhibit will likely stay with you throughout your lifetime. ​​



The Dawn of American Landscape

Masterpieces by the preeminent Nineteenth century landscape painters. Works by Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot and other master artists. This collection captures the transcendental spirit of these artists' search and expression of the sublime.



Hopi Artistry

Immerse yourself in the beautiful arts of the Hopi people.



Weavings of The Dance:
​Early Yei Textiles

This collection of amazing weavings tells the story of Navajo healing ceremonies.



Cartography of the Americas

Learn about North American history through an impressive collection of vintage maps from the great mapmakers of the new world. 



Harvey Girls gather at Harvey House in Winslow, 1910. Arizona Capital Museum.

All the Single Ladies: Women Pioneers of the American West

All the Single Ladies: Women Pioneers of the American West tells select stories from these trailblazing women’s lives. Meet unmarried 19th century women homesteaders, Harvey girls, boarding house owners, teachers, madams, prostitutes, and entertainers. Learn how these women brought a richness and vivacity to the fabric of life in an emerging American West.


HBO's "Westworld" filmed in Moab

HBO's Westworld filmed in Moab

Desert Hollywood: Celebrity Landscapes in Cinema

Desert Hollywood explores the “celebrity careers” of prominent Southwestern landscapes in film and television. More than mere backdrops, these landscapes including Monument Valley, the Imperial Sand Dunes, Lake Powell, the Moab area and the Sonoran Desert surrounding Tucson have become familiar, even iconic, through their supporting roles in film. Featuring video clips, stills, and behind-the-scenes photography. 



The Weavings of the Diné

A premier collection of pre-1940’s Navajo textiles, including Chief’s blankets, Eye Dazzlers, Saddle blankets, Germantown weavings, Yei weavings and child's blankets.



Arizona Women Uncovered

Who would have guessed! Arizona Women Uncovered offers a unique insight into the lives of early pioneer women through the evolution of their undergarments. Arizona Women Uncovered was curated in collaboration with Claudine Villardito of Black Cat Vintage.


TDART-Spider Woman

Teachings of the Spider Woman

Textiles tell stories, and this exhibit helps us to find them in each amazing, uniquely crafted work.


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